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Read Caribbean


The best books to read might just be centred around a tiny region close to the equator. From fiction books to scintillating tell-alls, books by Caribbean authors are finding their places on bookshelves around the world as passionate readers embrace them as the hottest books to read.

The Read Caribbean hashtag is the brainchild of Cindy Allman, but you may know her as Book of Cinz on social media. She's been interviewed by Oprah Daily, featured by Goodreads and heralded by bookstagrammers around the world for her passionate advocacy for Caribbean books. So you KNOW she's legit.

Currently based in Trinidad, she's also known for her Instagram page which is an ode to all things bookish and her Book of Cinz Book club which features books from around the globe. (Her latest book club picks include Manchester Happened, Daylight Come and Aftershocks so if you're in the mood for a chat with her, click on the links above and sign up for her book club.)

But it's her #ReadCaribbean hashtag that gets Instagram excited every June.

Bigger and better

Read Caribbean

I wanted to find out more about Read Caribbean so I asked her these four questions:


1. What kind of uptick in interest have you seen since you started Read Caribbean?

I have definitely seen an increase in post[s] to the Read Caribbean hashtag. On my feed and explore page there's been a lot of Caribbean books included. Also, from a pure [analytics] standpoint, visits to the Read Caribbean landing page have increased. There's been [a] genuine interest in Caribbean literature. 


2. What’s on the cards for this year’s Read Caribbean celebration?

The third staging of Read Caribbean month promises to be really amazing. So far we have four confirmed Author Panels featuring Caribbean Women Writers, New Voices to Caribbean Literature and a Folklore panel. Throughout the month we will have reader channels and we will be going live with authors weekly. Of course, there are giveaways! I think this year more authors will get the chance to talk about Read Caribbean and why they continue to tell their stories. 


3. What’s your vision for Read Caribbean? Tell us the three best ways that people can support Read Caribbean.

Honestly, my vision is to see Caribbean Literature being read widely. How can you support -- you can read [books by] Caribbean authors, recommend them to your entire family, talk about them on your social media handles, buy Caribbean authors, read their backlist. Support Caribbean Authors!


4. Where can people find out more about Read Caribbean?

Follow the #ReadCaribbean hashtag on Instagram here or visit the Book of Cinz website.

You can also click here to see my 14 top picks for Read Caribbean.

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