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My Self-Pub Crash Course

Guess what? My self-publishing crash course is going live this year! If you ever wanted to self-publish your own book without breaking the bank, maybe win awards and maybe get a bestseller ribbon on Amazon, I can show you how. Just click here.

I got my first best-seller ribbon!

Can you believe it? The Girl with the Hazel Eyes got a best-seller ribbon on Amazon in two categories recently and I was beyond thrilled. I can't believe the love that you guys are still giving to my first book baby. Thank you! If you haven't read it yet, get it here.


I was a quiz question!

There are many things an author doesn't expect in her life. Being featured as a quiz question on a television show in another country is one of them. I was sitting here minding my business one night when someone on Twitter said they got the question right even though the participants didn't. Of course, you know that meant I went to see what they were talking about. Want to see it? Watch here 

Featured by Joanne Hillhouse

I dish on the secrets behind my self-publishing success with Joanna C Hillhouse. Read it here.

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