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My Self-publishing Crash Course

Some industry analysts estimate that 15,000 books are published every day. That's an incredible amount of competition. So how did an unknown writer like me win awards, and get global recognition with hundreds of reviews?


My self-publishing crash course takes you through 9 critical stages:

1. Motivation,

2. Writing,

3. AI writing tools,

4. Story structure,

5. Editing,

6. Book covers,

7. Launching your book,

8. Post-launch,

9. After the post-launch

I'll give you:

1. Practical tools - from writing to self-publishing, I’ll share resources for each stage of your journey for a range of different budgets.


2. Skill-building exercises - I've consulted trained teaching professionals to help me develop customised exercises to take you to the next level.


3. My own personal templates - I’ll give you my own personal templates to help you streamline your marketing and self-publishing.

For just US $99, I'll show you how to self-publish a book for as little as US $100 and to generate income which you can reinvest in your writing career.

My self-publishing course starts 3rd March, 2024. Click below to get FREE self-publishing tips, 2024 book trends and get more details about my course.

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