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My travel pics

I took over 200 photos during my trip to Europe and it was a whole chore trying to encapsulate all of it in just three pics. So I chose these three based on the beautiful colours and how I felt at the time I took them. During each of these pics I experienced an incredible sense of gratitude. Gratitude for life, health, opportunities, my creativity and every other good thing in my life. Here's to more of all these things in the (hopefully) many years to come.

Isn't it stunning? I took that photo inside a cave that's got a most interesting light show inside it.

I'm a sucker for a vintage telephone box. For years, there was only one here in Barbados at a restaurant called the Coach House. Then it closed down and I'm not sure what became of it.

This was my second time in Europe and let me tell you that each visit just keeps getting better and better. I met a slew of incredible people, had lots of laughs and good times and snapped some awesome photos. What more could a girl want?

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